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Common questions regarding Mac and Webex compatibility.

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Are there any common known issues for Mac OS?

Cisco webex for windows free download — Cisco WebEx Meetings for Windows 10, WebEx Recorder and Player, Cisco VPN Client Fix for Windows 8.1 and 10, and many more programs. To download the WebEx Player or Network Recording Player, click one of the following links: for.ARF: for.WRF: for.WOT: Windows 2000+ Download(16 MB) Download(Recorder+Player, 4MB) Download(2 MB) Mac OS X (Intel) Download(9 MB) Download(Player only, 3MB) N/A. For audio playback, a sound card and speakers, or a headphone jack and headphones.

Network Recording Player Webex Mac


See table below regarding Mac compatibility:

Webex For Mac

QuestionAnswerIs The Webex Desktop App Supported for Mac?

The Webex Desktop App is compatible with supported versions of Mac OS.

Mac OS versions no longer supported:

  • 10.8
  • 10.9
  • 10.10
  • 10.11
  • 10.12

To determine if your Mac OS is compatible with your Webex site, see:

Can I host and present from a Mac?You may host and present from a Mac as long as your operating system and browser are supported by the Webex site.Does Webex Support Mac OS 10.14Mac OS 10.14 is supportedWhere is Webex installed?

Webex will install to different locations based on the service type and site version used. See the following article:

Can I use Firefox or Google Chrome to join a meeting?

Yes, however the supported browser versions will vary based on your Webex site version. See the following article:

Can I use Access Anywhere or Remote Access on a Mac?Access Anywhere and Remote Access are not compatible with Mac computers.Can I share Keynote Presentations in a Webex meeting?You can share a Keynote Presentation in a Webex meeting.Can I record a meeting using my Mac?

Yes, you may record meetings using Network-Based Recordings. See article:

Can I share Microsoft Office documents in a Webex meeting?

To share Microsoft Office documents, you must have a non-trial edition of Office installed and the Office version must be supported by your Webex site. Microsoft Office support varies based on site version. See the following article:

Microsoft ISA ProxyClients will not be able to connect to Webex meetings if they are behind a Microsoft ISA proxy server with user authentication turned on.

Cisco Webex Mac Os Download


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